"An iconographer attemps to portray a transfigured
life which is beyond our full comprehension."


Nearly 25 years ago Wayne Hajos discovered iconography through his study of the early Christian Church. Already an experienced artist he was strongly attracted to the spiritual path of iconography and the challenge to portray scriptural and spiritual truth with color, line, form and symbol.


Since the 1990s Wayne Hajos has studied under Valentin Streltsov of Toronto, Ontario and Peter Pearson of New Hope, Pennsylvania. He continues to attend advanced workshops to improve his skills, learning traditional Byzantine techniques on wood panels, canvas and murals. Wayne has painted hundreds of Orthodox icons for private collections, churches, and offices. Recent parish iconography projects include The Orthodox Church of St. Matthew in Columbia, Maryland, The Sister of the Orders of St. Basil the Great in Union Town, Pennsylvania, St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church in Union Town, Pennsylvania and Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Delmarva, Delaware.


Working from his Columbia, Maryland home, Wayne is committed to preserving and teaching the spiritual truths of Orthodox iconography.